Friday, October 12, 2007

AL GORE wins Nobel Peace Prize


Thursday, May 3, 2007

Where we need your help now - Sign up for a Committee(s)

We are trying to form committees for our volunteers, where volunteers can work with other volunteers on certain projects. To help get everything organized, will you please go to the committee sign up page. That page can be found on the left menu (on our website) in 2 locations. 1) on the main menu and 2) on a sub menu under the volunteers tab of the main menu. Or you can get there by clicking here,

Just enter your first & Last name & your email address and then put a checkmark next to the committee(s) you would be willing to help with.

We could also use some help creating Inserts, Flyers and Handouts. They could be designed to help find new volunteers or help to pass on interesting facts and information about Global Warming & Climate Change or list things people can do to lower their Carbon Output or they can be a combination of any of those. About the only rule is keeping them from being ink intensive. Our volunteers will be printing them out and handing them out or pinning them up or inserting them in the free books and we don't want to use all of our volunteer’s ink! So go ahead and use your imagination to see what you can come up with. You can see a few examples on our website under Inserts and Handouts & Flyers.

We could also use some help with data input (these are easy jobs just entering information in different areas of our website)

We still need volunteers with High Tech Skills for working on the website, making online forms and things like that.

We definitely need volunteers to help with organization; this is currently our biggest need right now!

We also need volunteers to help us with communication skills. We are trying to come up with ways for volunteers to speak with other volunteers, so even if you have some ideas, please send them in or list them on the blog.

We are also trying to encourage our volunteers to go to our online chat between the hours of 2:00 pm & 3:00 pm Pacific time on Wednesdays and between the hours of 6:00 pm & 7:00 pm on Wednesday nights to talk with other volunteers, I will definitely be there, so come & chat about whatever is on your mind! So Make sure to mark it on your calendar and remember,
this will be every Wednesday

Thank you, Randy

Saturday, April 21, 2007


Hello fellow dreamers, shakers, and movers,
I am so happy that we have this community starting. In fact, I am located right outside of Philly and want to start getting involved with this movement, if anyone is in or near Philly please contact me so we can start doing our best to make a difference. Lots of love! Dai

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Good Question!

I know issues like Cap & Trade with regards to carbon sequestration are going to put increasing value, pricing pressure and concerns over cutting down existing trees and I suppose that isn't necessarily a bad thing. I'm not sure how much carbon dioxide the average tree (if there is such a thing) sequesters in it's lifetime. If anyone knows the answer to that please send it in! If we can make a tree worth more alive than dead we could keep billions of trees from being cut down. This is possible with the use of carbon credits under a Cap & Trade policy, we just need to make sure the money doesn't come from some dirty polluter buying a right to continue with there same dirty polluting, not wanting to change old ways. Like most everything else, the devil is in the details.......Randy

P.S. Remember, any of us can buy carbon offsets to lower our carbon footprint & if we buy them from by clicking on any of the links on our
website, ISEP, they give us a percentage of the commission so it's just like someone buying their carbon offsets and then giving us a donation (all funds we bring in go back out to further our cause) so make sure you and your friends buy your carbon offsets thru us!

The Economic Value of a Tree

Check out this story from the New York Times. It discusses the benefits of trees in economic terms. Sort of an interesting idea. Hard to say if this is a good thing yet. Maybe the argument helps, it does show that trees have great economic value. But is this how we want to measure the value of nature?

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Thank You Volunteers

Where We Need Help

There are lots of places we need help (like everywhere!) But there are certain things we really need help on! Some of the specific things are:

We need someone to mail out the initial form we send out (volunteer interests form) to all volunteers when they sign up as a volunteer. I’ll furnish the envelopes, paper and stamps. We’re trying to find someone that can make this form and put it on our website so that it can be filled out online but in the meantime we have to mail them out! It’s not real time consuming but it is important to mail them out right after the volunteer signs up and I am definitely failing to do that, so if someone could help with that, it would be great ( in fact if we had someone from every country that would save us on postage!)

Some volunteers to help make up (design) some flyers to try and find more volunteers, we could insert them into the books, pin them up, hand them out or anyway we can think of…..Please share any ideas you have!

We need some volunteers to be in charge of some of our programs; Global solar program, Global wind program, Inform the children plus many other programs, would not take all that much time but would be a commitment, could change or stop easily, I would help you until you were comfortable with it, if interested, just send me an email with good time to call and we could talk about it……….

We could definitely use people to start Local Meetings, they’re easy and fun and I would definitely help you! We pay the costs and great way to spread our message. Another thing we could do is to team you up with someone else in your city to work together to start a meeting or anything else………………

We really could use some help with the web site or any of the technical stuff……….pleeeeeeeaaaaaasssse lol

Organizers, we always need organizers to help find more volunteers………In fact if we could all try to find a couple two or three friends or relatives or anyone, even better, Start your own 3x3 personal network to see how large you could grow it ( see the full story in this weeks newsletter 3X3 Personal Networks!)

We could use help producing this newsletter or our monthly newsletter (writing, pictures, design, and layout. You could help me and then each week or month does more if you would like.

Two new Campaigns we need help with are; Action Alerts Campaign & a Petition Signing Campaigns. Anyone that’s interested in helping with these two campaigns, please write or call!

Anyone that has experience building a “Wiki” we need your help, just let us know!

We still need help giving the Books away, we’re getting closer to our 100,000 books given away goal but we still have a ways to go, so please help us out if you can and a big thank you to all those that ordered books. When you receive the books will you please contact me so I can keep the records updated? I’ve been giving them to small stores and usually I can leave 30 to 50 at each store so that makes it easy, but I think we should design and put the flyers in the books that say we’re looking for volunteers, I think that would really help us grow faster!!!

Well, I’m going to stop now, I’ll put more up next week. Remember to share your ideas and suggestions

Don’t forget to try our chatroom, it’s mainly only for our volunteers, so see if you can reach one of our volunteers on the other side of the world. You can go to our chatroom page (Right under our volunteer link or you can connect virtually from any of our website pages or from our blog and maybe from our newsletters, I’m going to see if I can do that! So anyway, chat away and I think that’s all I better say.

Our volunteers have been coming up with some great ideas for new program and campaigns however because we are growing so fast I don’t have enough time to help develop these new programs and/or campaigns so what I would like to do is set up a committee to help do the necessary work. A committee will consist of six volunteers from anywhere, more if needed. Once a program is brought to fruition the members of that committee can choose to continue working with that program – campaign or they may want to join another committee that’s in the process of being formed or do something completely different. If you’re the type of person that enjoys building something from the start, I think this kind of volunteer work would be very rewarding and of course time, commitments and all of that is the same as all of our work, it’s up to you but you would be working with a small group. Anyone interested in being on a committee please send me an email stating so, you’ll be put on a list and be informed of new committees forming and you could join that one or wait for a committee that’s more inline with your particular interests. So if this sounds interesting to you, please send me an email to

These are only some of the current opportunities we have. If you have a particular skill or interest or idea please write us or call us to discuss it. . (360) 270-7996 Thank You

Thursday, March 1, 2007

A message to our Volunteers

Its not only important for us to cut our own emmissions, we also need to try and reach others and thats one of the elements we try to evelope in our programs.
We always listen very closely to our volunteers so let us know your thoughts
and Ideas
. You are all part of a great movement and it's all because of our current volunteers.
Our numbers are growing rapidly which means our reach and impact around the
world is increasing so keep up the good work. If anyone knows of others that may
want to be part of our project, please talk to them. The more we grow, the more
effective we can be!
तhe latest news is saying that climate scientists say we need to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions 80% by 2050 in order to stave off the most catastrophic impacts of climate change. The United States is the world’s biggest greenhouse emitter, so the world vitally needs the U.S. to do it's part. That means consuming 80% less heating oil, 80% less gasoline, and 80% less electricity from coal in four decades! It’s daunting but doable – just a 2% cut per year – if we get started now.You're all doing a great job!

If we have any volunteers that have any experience working
with the media and press releases we could use your help! Please contact us and
let us know.
Thanks everyone, in time the world will thank you!

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Welcome Volunteers

First thing I would like to say is:
We are all very proud of all of you & we thank you for giving of your time to such an important cause.
Whatever comes in the future, you can say and know in your heart that you were a big part of the solution & you helped to make a better world for the
generations to come. Even if not 100% successful, all of you kept it from becoming much worse and that is something you'll always know and be able to keep
close to your heart.
Kudos to all of you, you all are deserving of our thanks, so keep up the good work............Randy Wakefield