Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Good Question!

I know issues like Cap & Trade with regards to carbon sequestration are going to put increasing value, pricing pressure and concerns over cutting down existing trees and I suppose that isn't necessarily a bad thing. I'm not sure how much carbon dioxide the average tree (if there is such a thing) sequesters in it's lifetime. If anyone knows the answer to that please send it in! If we can make a tree worth more alive than dead we could keep billions of trees from being cut down. This is possible with the use of carbon credits under a Cap & Trade policy, we just need to make sure the money doesn't come from some dirty polluter buying a right to continue with there same dirty polluting, not wanting to change old ways. Like most everything else, the devil is in the details.......Randy

P.S. Remember, any of us can buy carbon offsets to lower our carbon footprint & if we buy them from by clicking on any of the links on our
website, ISEP, they give us a percentage of the commission so it's just like someone buying their carbon offsets and then giving us a donation (all funds we bring in go back out to further our cause) so make sure you and your friends buy your carbon offsets thru us!

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