Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Welcome Volunteers

First thing I would like to say is:
We are all very proud of all of you & we thank you for giving of your time to such an important cause.
Whatever comes in the future, you can say and know in your heart that you were a big part of the solution & you helped to make a better world for the
generations to come. Even if not 100% successful, all of you kept it from becoming much worse and that is something you'll always know and be able to keep
close to your heart.
Kudos to all of you, you all are deserving of our thanks, so keep up the good work............Randy Wakefield

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JakeandMallorysmom said...

Randy, thanks for the welcome and kind words. I would like to extend a big THNK YOU to you for starting this whole thing! I am looking forward to working together to make a real difference!
Sharon Carpenter